What’s the second step?

The business was dead. All was forgotten.

Gin, my girlfriend, was working as a Senior Assistant in Refresh Laser Clinic at that time. Many things had happened during her working period at that company.

She has been bullied by her boss, mistreated, overworked and underpaid and she finally couldn’t take it anymore and submitted her resignation letter.

She came to me one day and say, “I don’t want to work anymore. Let’s do our business full time. I cannot look back anymore. We have to succeed here.”

I looked at her in disbelief. She was the one who knew nothing about my business venture and didn’t even care about what I’m doing in regards to it. Now she is telling me that she wants to do this full time? I was shocked but I hugged her and said, “Let’s do it”

Gin and Me – 23/08/2014

We set a timeline to officially start out business and 01 November 2014 was the date. We printed out hundreds of flyers and went to Choa Chu Kang to distribute those flyers as her workplace was there and she needed to be there as she is serving her last day.

We walked around the entire district of Choa Chu Kang as we were all fired up and determined to change our lives forever.

Team Blaze started from this day onwards.

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