Preparing for Momentum

One reason why people gets success easily in my business is because the company have one of the best trainings in the world.

That’s what everybody say though. Heard so much but didn’t really give much thought. I had the impression it’ll be similar to the trainings I had in insurance.

One day during a walk in the park with Gin, she told me she want us to go to attend Momentum, a major training conducted by the company.

I didn’t feel like going because I think I know enough to see myself succeed in here. But she kept pestering me so I agreed to it. It’s in Hong Kong anyway and I haven’t been to Hong Kong before.

In Changi Airport before flying to Hong Kong for Momentum! – 05 February 2015

Since trainings are the key to success in the business, I reckoned I should just bring as many people as possible to the training if I can. It’s not going to be easy since it’s overseas. But I’ll do what I can.

Momentum is from 06 – 08 February 2014 and I have around 2 months to get as many members as possible. Gin’s cousin, Cleon, who had joined us in December, agreed to go, and she brought her first team member See Chye along with her.

My other 2 team members who went to Momentum with us. From left : See Chye and Cleon – 18 January 2015

In the end only managed to get 6 people in total to attend. But it’s a start. Let’s see how it goes!


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