Our first results!

Every effort counts. No effort is wasted.

This is what I’ve learnt during my time in insurance. And it is exceptionally true.

A few days of no news and no results from our distribution of flyers. We kept pushing and going because we saw the vision. We knew this would work. And it shall work for us. Other people have been there done that. If we think that we can, we can.

We received our first phone call on 10 November 2014, it was from our flyers in Choa Chu Kang, and we went down to present to a lady whose name is Susan. She was working as a cleaner and lived a hard life. When she saw the business her eyes glowed and sparkled.

She exclaimed in Mandarin, “If I’m willing to work hard I’ll definitely succeed!”

From left : Gin, Susan, and me. – 11/11/2014

Susan’s entry to Team Blaze marks our first results from our effort. Though she doesn’t have a smartphone to enter our Whatsapp group chat but we communicate with her on a daily basis to help her succeed.

It also ignited the first spark of Team Blaze’s culture. To help everybody in the team to succeed. When the team is successful, we will be successful. This became the permanent goal and vision of my team.

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