Preparing for Momentum

One reason why people gets success easily in my business is because the company have one of the best trainings in the world.

That’s what everybody say though. Heard so much but didn’t really give much thought. I had the impression it’ll be similar to the trainings I had in insurance.

One day during a walk in the park with Gin, she told me she want us to go to attend Momentum, a major training conducted by the company.

I didn’t feel like going because I think I know enough to see myself succeed in here. But she kept pestering me so I agreed to it. It’s in Hong Kong anyway and I haven’t been to Hong Kong before.

In Changi Airport before flying to Hong Kong for Momentum! – 05 February 2015

Since trainings are the key to success in the business, I reckoned I should just bring as many people as possible to the training if I can. It’s not going to be easy since it’s overseas. But I’ll do what I can.

Momentum is from 06 – 08 February 2014 and I have around 2 months to get as many members as possible. Gin’s cousin, Cleon, who had joined us in December, agreed to go, and she brought her first team member See Chye along with her.

My other 2 team members who went to Momentum with us. From left : See Chye and Cleon – 18 January 2015

In the end only managed to get 6 people in total to attend. But it’s a start. Let’s see how it goes!


Our first results!

Every effort counts. No effort is wasted.

This is what I’ve learnt during my time in insurance. And it is exceptionally true.

A few days of no news and no results from our distribution of flyers. We kept pushing and going because we saw the vision. We knew this would work. And it shall work for us. Other people have been there done that. If we think that we can, we can.

We received our first phone call on 10 November 2014, it was from our flyers in Choa Chu Kang, and we went down to present to a lady whose name is Susan. She was working as a cleaner and lived a hard life. When she saw the business her eyes glowed and sparkled.

She exclaimed in Mandarin, “If I’m willing to work hard I’ll definitely succeed!”

From left : Gin, Susan, and me. – 11/11/2014

Susan’s entry to Team Blaze marks our first results from our effort. Though she doesn’t have a smartphone to enter our Whatsapp group chat but we communicate with her on a daily basis to help her succeed.

It also ignited the first spark of Team Blaze’s culture. To help everybody in the team to succeed. When the team is successful, we will be successful. This became the permanent goal and vision of my team.

What’s the second step?

The business was dead. All was forgotten.

Gin, my girlfriend, was working as a Senior Assistant in Refresh Laser Clinic at that time. Many things had happened during her working period at that company.

She has been bullied by her boss, mistreated, overworked and underpaid and she finally couldn’t take it anymore and submitted her resignation letter.

She came to me one day and say, “I don’t want to work anymore. Let’s do our business full time. I cannot look back anymore. We have to succeed here.”

I looked at her in disbelief. She was the one who knew nothing about my business venture and didn’t even care about what I’m doing in regards to it. Now she is telling me that she wants to do this full time? I was shocked but I hugged her and said, “Let’s do it”

Gin and Me – 23/08/2014

We set a timeline to officially start out business and 01 November 2014 was the date. We printed out hundreds of flyers and went to Choa Chu Kang to distribute those flyers as her workplace was there and she needed to be there as she is serving her last day.

We walked around the entire district of Choa Chu Kang as we were all fired up and determined to change our lives forever.

Team Blaze started from this day onwards.

Taking the first step

This marks my first post in my blog. Hope this time the blog stays permanent forever. I’ll post a few posts together in succession to talk a little about how it all started.

In 28 July 2014, I was shown a business opportunity that I had never imagine that could change my life. The vision was simple; travelling and making money at the same time. Who wouldn’t want that? I grabbed the opportunity on the spot, even though I’m working as a financial consultant at that time and had no time for other matters, let alone a business. You understand if you’ve ever done your share of backpacking through Europe back in the day – it is not difficult to get by without too much money, but you need some. So when we got stuck in a pal in the drunk tank, and Sweden with no cash, klicka här actually came in handy there to get some cash to bail him out to call our parents to send money to us.

I went home all excited and started to call all my friends to tell them about the opportunity. I’ve set appointments for the next few days to show this wonderful platform to my friends. There was an event in YMCA the next day and I tried my best to bring friends down, especially when celebrity Darren Lim was supposed to be there as well.

The first member of my team. Honoured to be taking picture with James Lee. – 29/07/2014

Really regretted not taking photos with Darren Lim as he doesn’t appear often. Anyway, I shall grab that chance when I see him next time.

Over the next 2 days, I had 4 friends that supported me in my venture. But being the Melvan Yong of the past, I stopped there and done nothing to contribute towards my success in the business. Over time, slowly but surely, my team members left me. A big reason why that happened is because I failed as a leader. No training was done, no motivation was done, nothing was done.